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Friends, if you have any files of Paul Gross or CKR movies that I can’t get my hands on (I have the DVDs for Slings&Arrows, Hard Core Logo, BSG - always been a fan, due South - naturally, and such), please feel free to send along :P.


I have quite a lot of stuff, just ask and if I have it I can upload it.

*Edit: I have Trojan Horse for those wanting to watch H2O, it’s the “next part”


I’ve been crossing the streams way too much lately. I’m facebook friends with a handful of the RCW 139 people, which I like, but it’s a bit stream-crossy. But the worst thing is that I was talking about the con with my parents and they asked me what my screen name was and I actually told them….

That’s the good with one parent not interessted at all about the net and the other just playing games, isn’t at any social forums or so. Got my aunt though but she’s only on FB.



In celebration of CKR’s birthday I’m posting some particularly stunning pictures I recently stumbled upon while scouring the web, some of which are amazingly high quality and/or pics from shoots/events I hadn’t seen before (oR FROM A PHOTOSHOOT I DID NOT KNOW HAD PRODUCED MORE THAN ONE PICTURE - Apparently there are more Colourful!Plaid!Shirt!CKR posing by a fence pictures hOW DID I NOT SEE THOSE BEFORE? WHAT ELSE IS THE INTERNET HIDING FROM ME?)

But perhaps most importantly: they all depict Callum Keith Rennie being luminously beautiful as always, so afsghjdfghdsjsdhf <3 <3


p.s.: I just ended up on google image search again and fOUND EVEN MORE FRICKING HD CKR PICS, so there will be more CKR pic spams in the near future.

Bring on the picspams …





Callum Keith Rennie in SUPER HIGH DEFINITION

I am not kidding, I’m pretty sure you can cOUNT HIS PORES on most of these.

Seriously. Click them. Right-click > view image and BEHOLD THE GLORY OF CKR’S FACE. Do it.


P.s. In case tumblr has a size limit and won’t upload some of these in their full glory (I mean some of these are literally 4256 x 2832 pixels in size..) I also uploaded them on my OneDrive, so you can find the full sized pictures in the order they are shown in this post here: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, bonus1, bonus2

Oh Callum! Of they ever make a Due South it better be in high-def. can you imagine Callum AND Paul AND David in high def?!

Thank you for this public service! What’s the third one from? He looks even more luminously beautiful than usual there.

The third one is Leoben from Battlestar Galactica.
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